Is Downtown San Diego too Noisy? Good News for Residents that live near the railroad tracks.

TriansIf you are considering moving Downtown San Diego or currently live Downtown this will  brighten your day and possibly allow you to catch a few more Z’s at night.    

“The Centre City Development Corporation (CCDC) is submitting an application to the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) for the establishment of a Quiet Zone at downtown San Diego’s 13 grade crossings (Park Boulevard to Laurel Street).

Downtown San Diego, like many urban environments, has had a substantial increase in people living adjacent to railroad tracks and crossings. Noise and safety at downtown’s rail crossings have become major concerns for residents and for CCDC. The Federal Government, through the FRA, has finalized legislation to limit the noise from train horns in residential areas. CCDC is moving forward with an application to designate downtown a Quiet Zone, and expects to complete the project by spring 2008. In order to establish a Quiet Zone, the railroad crossings are improved with safety enhancements such as additional gates and warning lights. “

I have lived downtown for the past 5 years and have dealt with Planes, Trains and Automobile noise. Living in the city you will become accustom to the noise and after a while it all seems to blend in.  For those who live right next to the tracks, hang tight because help is on the way.

Some of the best properties Downtown San Diego are a stones throw from the railroad tracks.  After the quiet zone is implemented I expect to see more sales activity within some of these developments.