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Is Your Home Worth Less Than You Paid For It? Great Time To Lower Your Property Tax In San Diego.

We Live In San Diego It might be a good time to get your property tax lowered. Depending on when you purchased your property you might be able to get a lower assessment of value.  An assessment is used by local government to assess the value of your property for tax purposes. Example: If you paid $500,000.00 for your home and there are similar homes selling for $400,000.00 then it might be a good time to have your property re-assessed at the lower value. This...

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When does it make sense to Refinance your mortgage? A simple way to determine how much money San Diegans can potentially save on their home loan.

I have pondered this very question numerous times and after finding this article on bankrate it all make s a little more sense. Q: How do I decide whether it makes sense to refinance? Q: Is it true that it is not really worth refinancing a 30-year mortgage unless it is to go down a full point of interest? Q: At what point is it worth it to apply to refinance a mortgage? We have a 30-year fixed rate of...

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