If you are in the market for a real estate broker, Andy Boes is your guy!  He worked patiently with me and my wife to find the perfect house.   He did not encourage me to jump at the first house but insisted I take the time to find the best house for me and my family. He took the time to understand the areas we were interested in, the type of house, architecture, yard, etc.   This allowed him to do more of the leg work in finding houses that met our criteria.  The best brokers can not only find the perfect house but they can also close.  Andy is definitely a closer.  When our perfect house family came on the market, he closed the deal.  We  purchased our home in a very competitive housing market and he does a great job building relationships with the other agents in order to have an advantage in comparison to the other buyers.   He also did a great job negotiating all of terms and we ended up getting more than we expected!!  He kept me informed throughout the entire process.  I had a lot of questions and he was always there to answer them.   At the end of the day, Andy not only became our real estate broker for any future needs but also became a friend.   Do not waste your time trying different real estate agents that are just trying to sell you a house and receive a quick commission.   Instead, work with Andy who is more interested in ensuring you find the house of your dreams that will meet your current and future needs.

Sean & Sarah McHugh

Just a note to thank you for your time, professionalism, and efforts on making our home buying experience a very relaxing and smooth transition. You listened to our concerns, acted in a timely manner, and kept us informed along the entire journey. You told us how things were going to proceed, and we did not feel that we were being pressured to make any decisions. I would recommend you to anyone that wants to buy a home, as they will be treated with the up-most respect.

Thanks for everything Andy!

The Kings

“If you go through another broker, you’re gambling because no one will be able to match Andy in any category. I worked with Mr. Boes for two months. He is a true Real Estate professional, he is at all times respectful of every person he works with, thoughtful, bright, capable, and likable. He understands the Real Estate business, he understands his clients, he is considerate of both buyers and sellers,  all related service professionals and always works toward the goal of a win win situation. Andy is also precise, he listens and replies in a way that shows he is focused on his client’s needs and produces rapid results. We are very pleased with our Realtor and he will be the first person I call if we ever consider to sell or buy again. In fact, I now consider him more than our relator, he is a friend. Thanks again Andy for making our dream become a reality.”

Damian Christiansen

I am writing to give my recommendation of Andy Boes as your real estate broker. I want to thank Andy Boes for all his help with finding my family our dream home and with selling our old house. I appreciate his professionalism in handling the purchase of our new home and the sale of our old house in such a timely manner. We have been in our new house for a few months now and it is absolutely perfect for us. Thanks to Andy for all of his hard work in helping us find our new home and making the transaction so smooth.

When we set out to find our new house I could tell that Andy really listened to us and understood our needs. Each and every time we looked at a house, his knowledge of the area, schools and homes helped us in deciding what area we wanted to live in. He found us homes to look at that had the key features we had previously discussed. Once we found the house we loved, he made the deal happen, on our most favorable terms.

This is the third home that I have purchased with three different real estate agents and Andy is by far the best, most professional agent I have worked with. From the beginning to the end, he made this process very easy. The level of communication that he provided us, his level of professionalism and his advocacy for us, was absolutely critical to the success in making our dream a reality. Thanks you so much for all your hard work, Andy.

Dr. Jim Salazar and Family
San Diego, CA

Andy helped me find my perfect home. He was a true professional, and also a good friend in the process. He had an amazing way of combining the ability to know the area and local market, with my needs, wants, and dreams. He was able to help me wade through the many listings to find those that would match what I was looking for, and would be a smart financial decision and investment, which as a single professional, meant so much. I feel truly lucky that he was by my side – at each step,though I knew there were some aspects he didn’t have overall control of in the lending process, he kept close contact to help influence and direct the process in any way he could. I appreciated the connections he had, as well as his ability to positively influence and work with the local San Diego market vendors in a way that helped me accomplish my goals. Today, I live in my perfect downtown San Diego condo, and Andy was a huge part of that process. Thank you, Andy – for being such a positive influence in a big life decision for me and my family.

Alysia Hawkins

Andy Boes from Landon Jackson Realty worked with me for 3 years to find a house through several zip codes and finally we were able to find the perfect house. He was great to work with, always on time to appointments, easy going, and courteous. I had very strict requirements and thats why it took so long to find a property but none the less I’d highly recommend using Andy again for any real estate transactions. Thanks Again Andy!

Kjell Adams

I moved to San Diego in the summer of 2008 and rented a condo downtown while deciding what and where I wanted to purchase. As I looked around and went to open houses, I met a number of realtors and began to dread the experience. Often, they pushed for a phone number and information and insisted until I wanted to run for the door. I began to refuse to give my name or to invent one in order to avoid further contact. That was before I met Andy Boes and Loretta Cass of Landon Jackson Realty–what a refreshing difference! I went to an Open house one Sunday prepared to give a false name when I met Andy Boes. He was so friendly and open showing me around the place even though I had informed him that it was way out of my financial reach–I just wanted to see it! We began to talk about my situation and began a relationship that made house hunting a really fun experience. I met Loretta Cass that same day and liked her immediately. Loretta and Andy became my partners and allies and showed me around just about every building in the downtown (where I had decided that I hoped to buy) over the next eight months and appeared to enjoy the experience of looking with me. They never pushed me to make a decision or to look at anything outside of my expressed desires. There was never any pressure to increase the amount that I felt comfortable spending and in fact, they helped me to find financing that kept me within a safe reality for my budget. When I did find my ‘dream condo’ meeting all of my criteria, they even helped me find a renter to finish out the lease on the rental that I was leaving. The experience was fun and enlightening. Andy and Loretta have become friends and will remain as such in my life. I enthusiastically recommend Landon Jackson Realty–Andy and Loretta, to anyone who is looking for a place to live in San Diego. They will truly personalize the process to meet your individual desires and needs. They are simply the BEST!

(Dr.) Claudia J Mackey

Hiring Andrew Boes from Landon Jackson Real Estate was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Knowing that I had limited free time and that I am very particular, Andy listened carefully to my preferences and also observed my life style to determine my real estate needs. In every case, he presented pre-screened homes that matched what I was looking for. He was patient, knowledgeable and smart and did not hesitate to point out deficiencies that I may not have noticed. Not only did he make the process simple, he made it fun.

The bottom line is that Andy made my search for a new home incredibly easy, he handled my transaction with knowledge and confidence.

I have been settling into my new home for about a month. For the first time in my life, I can honestly say that I could live in this home forever.

Maureen Sullivan
San Diego Magazine

It was the start of the same conversation my husband and I have had for years. While walking along the streets of Little Italy, we were dreaming about how wonderful it would be if we could own a place of our own. We knew the “where”, we just didn’t know the “when” and the “how”. It was one of these days that we met Andy Boes, the realtor who turned our dreams into a reality. Andy helped us understand our options, showing us how we could take advantage of the current market and purchase a condo within our price range. Throughout the process, Andy kept us informed and up to date on how things were progressing. Andy kept such a close eye on the transaction that he was able to anticipate some hesitation from the bank (this was a short sale) and suggested we submit another offer. With the guidance from Andy, we are now the proud owners of a second home in San Diego. We were able to get a great condo, at a great price and without any stress!

Andy, thank you for everything!
Greg and Cheri Sorensen

Being a first time home buyer I didn’t know or understand the process of purchasing a home. I’m glad I had Andy Boes as my real estate agent. He did a fantastic job. He has great communication skills; I was always updated with the latest news, my e-mails and phone calls were always returned in a timely fashion. Andy is very knowledgeable and always made it a point to answer or find answers to all my questions. He’s a great person, hard worker and always presented himself with a positive attitude. The process of buying my home was a delightful experience. The transaction went smooth from start to finish. I would highly recommend Andy to anyone who is planning on buying a home. I will definitely be using Andy Boes for my future real estate needs.

Louis Stewart


Andy Boes

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