Staging Your Home in San Diego Will Help You Sell it Faster.

The way you live in your house is not the same way you want to market and sell your property.  In this market you need to cover all the angles and make your property more appealing than ever before. This is a buyers market and there is an abundance of inventory to choose from. So why not separate yourself from the herd and start thinking like a buyer.

Staging your property will allow buyers to get their arms around and in-vision themselves living in your property.  I have had many clients over the years walk into house and immediately be turned off by a certain smell or bad clutter job. If you are selling your property and living in it as well make sure to consult a designer/Stager.

I once heard that Decorating is more or less personalizing your residence. Staging is de-personalizing your residence and making it appealing to the masses. Cleaning and getting rid of clutter, adding color and air freshening is a great place to start.

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