I had a Great Round at Mission Trails Golf Course San Diego while trying out the claw putting grip.

In the traditional or conventional set-up the hands are together with the fingers of both the dominant and non-dominant hands underneath the grip and the thumbs on top. With the “claw”, the hands are separated with the thumb and fingers of the non-dominant hand in the conventional position and the fingers of the dominant hand on the top side of the grip. The thumb of the dominant hand is positioned underneath the grip and out of sight.mission Trails golf course in San Diego

Says Di Marco: “I tried every grip, just like all of us when we struggle with our putting. This the one I settled on because it worked best. I’ve actually been putting like this for six years, it’s just taken a while for people to notice.

“It’s like a long-putter grip with a short putter – it effectively takes my right hand out of the stroke, merely supporting the putter lightly as it swings through. I’m actually just putting with my left hand.”

If it’s good enough for the pros it is worth giving it a try. The main focus when you putt is to keep your shoulders fluid and create one motion. The claw grip automatically puts your shoulders and body in the right position. Say goodbye to the 3 putts and claw your way to the top.

In a final note, the claw grip has done wonders for my putting. I was a regular 3 putter and after finishing an 84 round at mission trails golf course in San Diego I realize how much the new grip does help my game.

  1. RD

    Using the “claw” grip allows me more control over my putter. I switched from the conventional grip a few years ago and won’t go back to it ever. BTW – Mission Trails golf course is a great course to try a new swing or or grip a the club. I recommend trying it out if you need to change something up. Good luck!

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